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Fine Gang Apparel

Fine Gang Apparel | Issaquah, WA

Fine Gang is a lifestyle and apparel brand on a mission to inspire generational health and foster a culture of healthy living, with emphasis on physical and mental health. We develop unique and affordable fitness apparel and accessories for customers who seek on-trend and quality products. 

We are creating a generation of individuals living intentionally healthy lives and energizing our environments. Every time you put on a piece of Fine Gang clothing or use our equipment or take a program, we want you to feel empowered & to be authentic, live well & Own Your Fine.

  1. Where is your business based? 

    Online - 

  2. When did you start your business? 

    June 2020

  3. What inspired you to start your business?

    My Mother being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and having to go for a double mastectomy;  in the same month my dearest friend passed away at 31 because of Breast Cancer. I knew I needed to make my health a priority because age wasn’t a factor. Also learning and understanding what we face as black people in the health care world, if we don’t take care of us we definitely can’t expect others to. Generational health is the name of the game and we intend to play hard and for keeps. 

  4. Do you give back to your community? If so, how?

    Yes, with free workouts I post online and our lifestyle blog on our website where you can get some life coaching and recipes.

    We are in the works of creating more ways to give back. We would like to connect with local high schools to sponsor student athletes that come from low income homes. 

    Also as we introduce our training services, we’ll be offering free exercising classes and education on proper nutrition.  Our goal is to begin this summer. 

  5. What do you need most from allies? 


    Come out to community events.


    Shop with us!


    If you love anything you’ve purchased, PLEASE SHARE; tell us and a friend. Post pictures in your gear. 


    Follow us on social media pages and subscribe to our website so you won’t miss a single thing.


    If you or anyone you know can help us with raising capital or getting access to other growth resources, please reach out. 


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