Noirepack | Federal Way, WA

Featured in Puget Sound Treats Box and Puget Sound Big Box, they curate coffees exclusively from Black roasters.

Where is your business based? 
We are an online-based enterprise located in Martin Luther King County registered in Washington State 

When did you start your business?  
We launched NOIREPACK INC. on Black history month 2021.  The coffee project and the concept of selling coffee online had been on Edward McFields' (Owner and founder) mind for many years, tweaking, adjusting various ideas from "Café de Oro" in 2008 "El Oro Del Pueblo" in 2012 now NOIREPACK INC. 

What inspired you to start your business?
The controversial recurring events at Starbucks cafes in various major urban cities in the US prompted us to launch NOIREPACK INC.  Black Americans should not patron businesses that do not value "racial equality."  Starbucks has been known to cater to one demographic. Upholding amazing customer service to this demographic and excluding Black and Brown customers.   Starbucks is not the only coffee business facing this dilemma. They were just caught on camera. Truth of the matter is that many enterprises across the US are guilty of this behavior, so commonplace is starting to be called "coffee shop racism." Racism is still a problem in America, and it seems to show itself repeatedly in various high-profile businesses.  

BLM and other organizations tried different campaigns to boycott these businesses, such as the #StopHateforProfit campaigns, but all failed; instead, they were decimated and shut down by Starbucks’ and other businesses’ massive marketing budgets.  

Fortunately, there are alternatives to Starbucks that Black Americans can patron and support that they are not aware of.  At NOIREPACK INC., we have partnered with various Black-Owned coffee roasters and brands, and together we are working on shifting the discourse surrounding this popular beverage.

Each of our Black Owned roasters is unique with a story worth sharing, and we are here to evangelize it.

At NoirePack Inc., we believe that when small Black-Owned businesses flourish, so do our communities.  This coveted Arabica plant can generate jobs and business ventures that may uplift and foster pride in our communities.  

Like Barbershops that used to be the cornerstone in Black Communities, coffee business ventures can bring real change in many underrepresented communities across this nation not only by generating jobs but by also fostering a sense of pride in the people that live there. 

Do you give back to your community? If so, how?
NoirePack pledges 5% of coffee sales to key organizations that genuinely foster, support, and advocate for Black Families. Specifically those that target the areas of employment, criminal justice, and education for Black men.   Every year we will write a check and will announce it via social media.   

These organizations include:

EJI - challenges racial and economic injustice and provides legal representation to people who have been illegally convicted, unfairly sentenced, or abused in jails and prisons.

Black Economic Alliance - a coalition of business leaders and aligned advocates committed to economic progress and prosperity in the Black community with a specific focus on work, wages, and wealth.

The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle - As the second-oldest civil rights organization in the state of Washington, ULMS is one of the region's essential economic first responders, helping families cope with challenges through a variety of programs designed to support and encourage self-sufficiency in all aspects of life. ULMS also serves as a liaison between community members, local businesses, city and county government, and other service-based organizations that share our concern for the welfare of the Black community and other disadvantaged residents in the Greater Puget Sound area.

National Black Child Development Institute- As one of the only national organizations dedicated exclusively to the success and well-being of Black children, the National Black Child Development Institute and our National Affiliate Network have been a powerful and effective voice on issues related to the education, care, and health of Black children and their families.  

BMe - The BMe Community is a national network of black men and thousands of other community-builders of all races and genders. With members in Pittsburg, Baltimore, Detroit, and Philadelphia, the network includes 100 leaders and has served over 200 000 kids. The BMe website has an excellent repository of stories about male innovators, social entrepreneurs, political leaders, and more.

What do you need most from allies? 
Building partnerships and allies is the only way that Black businesses can succeed in the US. More and more small businesses across the country continue to be decimated by the current pandemic.

For this very reason, it is of utmost importance to create partnerships that will benefit the greater good of all Black-Owned businesses online.  

Having a website will not suffice in our highly sought-after coffee market; there is a lot of competition which is why partnering and promoting NOIREPACK INC. in various community organizations and allies is key to the success of our humble enterprise.  

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