SWASH. Body | Tacoma, WA

Feel good products for badass people


We at SWASH. believe body care products should aid in the well-being of your skin (your body’s biggest organ), encourage daily self-care, and "spark joy" when you use them. 

Every ingredient in our luxe, plant derived, organic-ish concoctions are explored to determine functionality, efficacy, and environmental effect before being chosen for our formulas.  We then socially test each product before it is released to the public.


Our CEO and Master Concoctionist, Aikita Jones, created SWASH. to be a clean and fresh alternative to the many yuck-filled, heavily fragranced, body care products found on drug store shelves.  Products marketed to folx based on hyper-masculine or -feminine stereotypes, instead of by scent or purpose. 

Aikita was also dissatisfied with pregnancy and postpartum products that claimed to be created for all pregnant people but only marketed to cis-gendered-heterosexual women.  Aikita noticed these companies failing to recognize the ever-changing dynamic of modern families.  


SWASH. products are concocted for People + Parents + Preggos -- folx seeking nourishing, purposeful, and effective body care solutions from a company that necessitates inclusivity in its brand.

At SWASH. being different is normal, as it should be.

*MODs- Mothers, Others, Dads.  Every caregiver deserves to be represented.

  1. Where is your business based? 
    My business is based in Tacoma, WA

  2. When did you start your business? 
    My business started May 1st, 2018

  3. What inspired you to start your business?
    I was inspired to start my business by my natural hair and skin product journey.  I was making my own products and giving them to family and friends to try and they encouraged me to start my own business making products for the public.

  4. Do you give back to your community? If so, how?
    I have not found an organization yet to give back to.

  5. What do you need most from allies?
    What I need from allies is for them to be advocates for the people they are allying themselves with at ALL times. Not just when people are around to see them.  Allyship should be 24/7 and not be performative, but genuine and sincere.

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