2 minutes + 1 Vote = Priceless Support for the Ally League

2 minutes + 1 Vote = Priceless Support for the Ally League

Hey, League! We have a lot in store for you this summer, and pitch contests (like mini "Shark Tank" episodes) are critical to providing us the capital and resources we need to help build and educate a strong community of allies, while maintaining our ability to remain mission-focused.

A little over a month ago, many of you watched us win our first local pitch contest, produced by Founders Live Seattle. Founders Live has been exceptionally supportive already and has not only provided some great support to this small business, but our win has also given us the opportunity to win a chance to advance and pitch at the national level for a wider audience and more resources!

In order to do that, we need your vote to win a spot on the national stage. This link also lets you watch us pitch our program (in under 100 seconds!), which introduces the membership program we plan to pilot this summer.

Every vote counts, and as of today, 60 votes would put us over the top. Can you please help us get there? Doing so provides us more resources to roll out our allyship education membership program - which we talk about in the pitch.

We're so grateful for your continued support!

Kesha Rodgers and Sara So holding Black Box samples and laughing
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