Allyship Survey Results

Allyship Survey Results

We are passionate about building solutions to help people along the path beside us, and we can't do a good job if we don't know what's important. A couple of weeks ago we reached out to our mailing list to get feedback on what's most needed to ease the path to allyship.

What did we find out?

  • More than 60% of you started the anti-racism journey before 2020. That's a lot of great progress to build on.
  • 95% continue to educate yourselves to help end racism. That's an army, y'all!
  • Most folks find these three things most helpful in ally education:
    • Content designed and prioritized by the Black community (27%)
    • A fun and supportive community to learn with you (20%)
    • To learn alongside people on the same journey (15%)

What are we doing with this feedback? We're exploring and designing ways to make taking action easier. We now know that continuing our focus on Black-led content and providing ways to have fun and community while pursuing allyship are key to providing meaningful action. 

If you want to help, could you please take 5 minutes and share your thoughts with us in the next survey?

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