Buy Black and Local with our Puget Sound Collection

Buy Black and Local with our Puget Sound Collection

When we started curating Black Boxes we weren't sure what we would find - we were prepared to look anywhere for the best products. Each quarterly box so far has had local and national products, but we have always wanted to buy local. It is important to us to support local communities and to be mindful of our carbon footprint, so we are thrilled to introduce Puget Sound Edition Black Boxes.

Buying local has also allowed us to meet and connect with the local business owners. They are some of the hardest working, kindest people we have met. They each have a story of how they got to where they are and what inspired them to start their business. Often they want to control their own destiny and work in an environment that they create. They want to support their families and leave things better than they found them. Like us, they are working to build better futures for everyone and they are so appreciative of our support.

Early on, some of our followers commented that they wish more Black-owned businesses were closer to where they live, in the suburbs. Let us not forget that it is not a coincidence many of the businesses we support are in communities with more Black residents. Often these small businesses are home based or "side hustles" done in addition to another job. Due to multiple factors such as redlining, environmental racism, cost of living, and proximity to family, the entrepreneurs are from different communities. That is their own choice and we support that. Our goal is to empower the Black community to have the resources they need to live their best life and support their communities along the way.

One thing all of these businesses have in common is determined owners. Black-owned businesses are challenged by fewer resources than other businesses, both financial and within their networks. Because of the historic disadvantages and current day racist systems, it is harder for them to obtain funding, find mentors, and gain the knowledge necessary to grow and sustain a business which is bound to have challenges. Despite these realities, the entrepreneurs we work with remain ambitious and hopeful that they can build better futures for their families. Let's do all we can to make sure that happens!

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