Featured Partner: Sherwood Goods

Featured Partner: Sherwood Goods

We are thrilled to partner with Sherwood Goods founders Tevin Gladney & Donnie Le. Fellow board members at the non-profit Community Carrot, their focus is Black Box Gifts' daily operations.  

Through this collaboration, Black Box Gifts aspires to promote more local brands from Washington that are owned by people from historically marginalized communities, including Black, Indigenous, People of color from all backgrounds, Women, and the LGBTQ Community.  

About Sherwood Goods

Sherwood Goods est. 2019 Logo

Sherwood Goods is a lifestyle brand that help you align your actions with your values by using your shopping dollars to help small businesses boost sales. We help market these businesses so consumers have easy access to support these businesses, all while providing a platform to share origin stories so you know who exactly you're choosing to support.

We believe in the power of community and unity, especially within inner cities. We want to show you the impact of supporting our small businesses. 


    Tevin Gladney (in headphones) standing next to Donnie Le in front of a DJ table
    From left: Tevin Gladney and Donnie Le


    About Donnie

    As a servant leader in my community through camp programs and trail associations, I have always had a passion for helping people in need. Being born and raised in South Seattle has given me an appreciation for local small businesses and underrepresented groups of people working hard to get their products out there. They are the ones that bring the city to life.

    Sherwood Goods evolved from a combination of my passion to help others and my understanding that every community needs to have their brands celebrated. I am honored to be able to share this with you. 

    -Donnie Le, Sherwood Goods Founder and CEO

    About Tevin

    Tevin is a serial entrepreneur born and raised in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle. He is of mixed African American and Vietnamese heritage. His mother immigrated to the Seattle area when she was only two years old and his father grew up in the Central District of Seattle.

    He grew up in White Center, a multicultural community that celebrates people from all backgrounds. Although there is an abundance of talent in this area, there has historically been a lack of resources in the area. This shaped Tevin to have a dedication for helping others gain the skills and tools they need to pursue their dreams.

    He has a background in business with an emphasis in real estate and social services, serving marginalized communities in Seattle. He is passionate about cultivating strong relationships within communities and bridging the wealth gap.


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