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Listening Session Update

Thank you to everyone who signed up for a listening session over the last couple of weeks. We are thrilled and honored that you’d share your time and thoughts with us.

It was fantastic to get to know you a little and hear what’s working and not working for you as you pursue allyship.

Kesha heard some pretty consistent themes:

  • You love the work we’re doing - thank you for keeping us motivated.
  • You want a world free of racism.
  • In order to help create that world, many of you need:
    • More resources. Articles, books, definitions. A reliable place to get information that helps you on your journey.
    • More diversity in your lives. You want to meet and build relationships with people who are different from you.
    • A place to learn and practice without doing unintentional harm to those you’re trying to help.
    • A community to reach out to when you have a question or hit a stumbling block
    • Opportunities to act. Whether it’s starting a conversation, buying Black, or volunteering, you’re looking for opportunities to do meaningful work.

We learned other great things, too:

  • There are so many compassionists out there who just want to do the right thing
  • Many of you have similar interests beyond anti-racism work. It’s been fun to help you network!

More than anything, what we've heard from you is confirmation that we're headed in the right direction. We are working on plans to go "beyond the box" and create a space for people to learn and practice together.

To stay tuned on what comes next, make sure you are signed up on our email list and keep following us on social media. We're so excited for what's next!

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Thanks so much, Beth. So glad you found us! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have.

The Ally League

I just discovered this and am so excited to dig deeper! My friend and colleague let me know how much great work you’re doing. :)

Beth Portree

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