Hearts in differing sizes and skin tones

We're making a difference together. Let's keep it up!

Large and small hearts in different skin tone colorsHappy New Year! We've gotten your orders, read your kind messages, and seen your shares on social media - THANK YOU! Your enthusiasm is energizing, and we are using that energy to do some cool stuff you'll read about below.

You have given us so much hope that this movement is more than just talk, and that the number of active allies will continue to grow in 2021 and beyond. The more we dig into this work everyday, the more encouraged we are that allies really want to take action and contribute to dismantling racism. Our goal is to make action opportunities more accessible.
Here's how we turned our empathy to action over the last few weeks. It's been good stuff!
  • We were on the news! We were featured on a brief segment on King 5 Evening Magazine. Watch our interview with Angela Russell.

  • New Year. New WebsiteWe have a new website, new logo, and new packaging! The website is easier to navigate, includes more content, and gives us some room to grow. It looks better, too!

  • 2nd edition Black Box ready for pre-order: The second edition Black Box (Spring 2021) is available for pre-order now! We love surprises, so we won't reveal what is inside until it starts shipping in mid-February. But we can tell you the large box features 8 (yes, 8!) new Black-owned businesses and the small box features 4. We're really excited...It's all we can do to keep from giving you hints as to the marvelous products inside! 

    And if you missed the first edition Black Box, don't fret! The regular edition Black Boxes will remain available for purchase indefinitely.

  • We're in the mood for love...or maybe just candy. We're excited to announce our first limited edition Black Box for Valentine's Day! This box, available now for pre-order contains a candle from Sukie's Candle Co., dark chocolate-covered peanut brittle from Lanier's Fine Candies, and delicious macarons from Black Magic Sweets. Each limited edition Black Box is beautifully packaged and can include a custom note.

    Limited edition Black Boxes are available while supplies last.

And here's what's next:

  • Get a Black Box every season...automatically Want to make sure you never miss out on opportunities to support our next group of Black-owned businesses? Watch your email and our website for info on how you can subscribe to the quarterly box on our website to lock in the future boxes with a discount. 

  • More ways to support small, Black-owned businesses. One thing we've learned on our journey is that a little help can make a big difference for a small business. From help building and maintaining a website so that folks can learn about their business, to help with small tasks to help fulfill orders, to being aware of opportunities for grants, a little support can make all the difference. If this sounds intriguing, sign up to be on our volunteer list on the Contact Us page. 

There's even more to share - be sure to follow us on social media. Thank you again for all of your support - it means the world to us. 
--Kesha & Sara
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